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Welcome to Loserville

Can you see it? The big “L” on my forehead?
It is there because yesterday THIS was delivered to me (cue heavenly choir of cherubs singing):
Yes. It is what you think it is.
It is a cordless electric sweeper.  I know I mentioned that I was getting one in a prior post, but I’m just that excited about getting it that I had to share. (I know you care.) I am ecstatic. I am doing my happy dance. I know, its sad.
I’m a bit of a neat freak, you see. (I think I’ve mentioned this, too…) And with the door opening and closing and inside and outside due to housebreaking a puppy, I have a lot of grass and leaves on my floors.
A lot.
Enough to make me break out in hives every time I enter the kitchen or walk down the hallway.
And I’m too lazy to pull out the heavy duty hoover, which scares the living shit out of the puppy.
(Although, it does make her stay out of my way, unlike her game of chase the broom and dustpan.)
Ok, so you’ll never actually eat off of my kitchen floors, but there is a sense of pleasure and peace felt when observing a freshly cleaned floor that I just don’t get from, I dunno, cleaning toilets. (That makes me feel like I need to take a shower.)
I will also admit that I use the word “hoover” every chance I get. Its a fun word.
So go on, laugh if you will.
I’m going to go hoover my floors again.
After that, I just may order a steam cleaner for the floors, too.

Shit, I really am an adult.

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