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On Accomplishments, Goals, and Donuts

On the internet, the question has been (repeatedly) raised: “There’s only ONE MONTH left in the decade. What are your accomplishments?

This question has been weighing on my mind, and perhaps if it had been worded differently, as in “what have you done” versus “what are your accomplishments”, it wouldn’t niggle at me so (and yes, I’m that nitpicky.)

If I had been asked “what have you DONE” I could say I lived in the UK, I traveled throughout Europe, I moved to Texas, I went to the American Music Awards (thank you, Kohl’s), I wrote a lot of blog posts, was published in an anthology and on Mamalode, I’ve started two books, I’ve read HUNDREDS of books, I’ve SNUBA’d in Jamaica (which I didn’t think I could do with my not-asthma), I’ve done two cross-country road trips with my daughter, I’ve broken both feet (not at the same time) doing spectacularly inane things, I’ve made a few people laugh on Twitter and Facebook (and not just because of the broken feets), sewed a throw pillow, colored my hair pink, AND I’ve raised two great kids.

But. I don’t consider most of those things to be accomplishments (aside from the Anthology and writing a shit-ton of blog posts no one read but my mother and my mother-in-law, possibly.)

The problem is, the more I thought about what I have accomplished, the more my mind goes to what I haven’t (because imposter syndrom is a thing, yo’.)

image of pessimists and optimists and accomplishments

I haven’t: lost that 10 pounds (and may have put on 10 more), FINISHED writing a book, been brave enough to submit writing to other places, learned to crochet or knit (although I can make a great first chain), settled into my life here in Texas, decorated my powder room*, finished the wall collage in my living room, reorganized the garage, or figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

(*There may be more than one reason as to why I still don’t feel settled here.)

In a flash I realize I’m being too hard on myself and maybe taking myself too seriously, AND when I wonder if I have simply set my bar for accomplishments too high I find this from author Suzanne Park (go preorder her romantic comedy novels and yes, these are affiliate links and I may earn a little something if you buy something using either the one for her adult fiction or her young adult fiction):

realistic accomplishments

So maybe the next decade is the one where I really, finally put myself out there.

In the meantime, with a little more than a month left in this decade** I have time to accomplish a few more things SO WHO WANTS CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUTS?

trying all the donuts in the area would be an accomplishment

** Unless you’re a purist who says the next decade doesn’t start until 2021, in which case I’m GOLDEN

Inspired by the prompt: Write a post in just 10 lines.
I may have cheated adding photos, but I’m a rebel.
With lame accomplishments.

I love a good prompt from time to time. Here’s my response to Ten Things That Make Me Stupidly Happy.


  • Kat

    If those are lame accomplishments I’m not even going to TRY to list mine. lol! And I am right there with you on the weight thing. So annoying!

  • Kim @ Storms and Stardust

    P.S. I see now that you ARE a book blogger. Sweet. I am always looking for more recommendations and other book bloggers to read. I’m not really a book blogger, but I have a book section on my blog, and am trying hard to keep up with it and grow it!


  • Kim @ Storms and Stardust

    Wow, before reading your post, it didn’t really hit me that we ARE coming up on the last month in this DECADE. I just thought of another year ending, not another decade.

    Do you book blog? I need to explore your site some more. I do love reading!

    Just stopping by via Mama Kat’s.


  • madamdreamweaver

    I’ve never thought about 2019 being the end of a decade. I went visited Galaxy’s Edge at Disney War and got to walk around in a “star wars world,” and eat “alien food” and see Rey and Chewbacca, so that’s a pretty good ending to the decade.

  • Writer McWriterson

    Love this post and I love that tweet. It makes me feel like I have accomplished SOME stuff. 😉
    Also, I keep forgetting we are entering a new decade. It’s the 20 in front of the last two digits that gets me messed up. 🙂

    • Jenn

      well, some will argue that the decade doesn’t officially end until December 31, 2020 because there was no year 0 – we went from 1 BC to 1 AD…but that’s splitting hairs.

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