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The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins – A Belated Book Review

What happens when someone asks you for a book recommendation, and you when youearch for your review on a particular book, you discover you only raved about it on social media? (Apparently, you only wrote the review in your head and on NetGalley…) You write a belated book review to make up for it! In this instance, the book in question is the very magical novel The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins.

I received an advanced copy of the book from Gallery Books via NetGalley; all opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links that may earn me a commission if you purchase through them.

The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins – A Belated Book ReviewThe Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins
Published by Simon and Schuster on July 30, 2019
Genres: Fiction, Women, Family Life, Romance
Pages: 368
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New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins crafts an unforgettable story about a sleepy Southern town, two fiercely independent women, and a truly magical friendship.

Sarah Dove is no ordinary bookworm. To her, books have always been more than just objects: they live, they breathe, and sometimes they even speak. When Sarah grows up to become the librarian in her quaint Southern town of Dove Pond, her gift helps place every book in the hands of the perfect reader. Recently, however, the books have been whispering about something out of the ordinary: the arrival of a displaced city girl named Grace Wheeler.

If the books are right, Grace could be the savior that Dove Pond desperately needs. The problem is, Grace wants little to do with the town or its quirky residents—Sarah chief among them. It takes a bit of urging, and the help of an especially wise book, but Grace ultimately embraces the challenge to rescue her charmed new community. In her quest, she discovers the tantalizing promise of new love, the deep strength that comes from having a true friend, and the power of finding just the right book.

“A mesmerizing fusion of the mystical and the everyday” (Susan Andersen, New York Times bestselling author), The Book Charmer is a heartwarming story about the magic of books that feels more than a little magical itself. Prepare to fall under its spell.


My Thoughts

The Book Charmer was an absolutely delightful book! This will appeal to fans of Sarah Addison Allen and lovers of Magical Realism.

This is a lovely story, one that I thought would be about Sarah, the “book charmer” in question. However, Sarah is more the glue that holds the story together. Her library books speak to her and tell her what book each person needs.

Instead, this story centers around Gracie. Gracie has come Dove Falls to help raise her niece after the death of her sister and to help her ailing foster mother. Ultimately, she will help the town of Dove Falls. Sarah needs to find a way to make her stay. (And surprise, surprise – Gracie doesn’t want her book from Sarah.)

This is a story about love, redemption, and family. It touches on topics of PTSD and dementia and captures the small town dynamic well. The writing is engaging and the characters are relatable and interesting.

I was caught up in the emotions of the novel, and sad to see it end. I fell in love with so many of the characters. This looks to be the first of a series, and I’m here for it! I love the idea of seeing more from these wonderful, quirky characters.

The Book Charmer was an easy, light read, and a bit of a love letter to the power of books.

Want more like this?

Karen Hawkins has written a novella for the Dove Pond series. Love in the Afternoon brings together more Dove Pond residents (with the help of a ghost).

For more magical realism and themes on family and redemption, check out Heather Webber’s amazing novel Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe!

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