In Which I Answer a Question (and Thusly Prove I Shouldn’t Vlog)

I will admit, I am pretty awed by the bloggers out there who produce really fun content via VLOGGING. Jenny on the Spot, June Cleaver Nirvana, Mommy Words – I don’t know where to start – they rock at vlogging. Not only that, but they’re successful at it. YouTube is a fantastic platform that can even bring in money if you do it successfully (result!) but I just haven’t got the knack for it. No doubt I can Visit websites that give me tips on how to vlog and grow on the platform, but it just seems like a whole other World away from blogging!

I will also admit that there are a lot of people who vlog and are dull as toast. *I speak the truth*. I’m starting to believe that I am one of them. In my 43-odd attempts to record one, they never make it to the blog, because:

  1. I get nervous watching myself;
  2. I make too many weird faces; and
  3. Seriously, I do NOT sound like that. (Do I?)

So when earlier today, the lovely Jenny from www.jennyonthespot.com posted another vlog – this one, imploring people to answer her question (which was likely rhetorical, because, seriously?) I bit the bullet and finished one.

Only for you, Jenny dear. Only for you.

In the meantime, I think I should stick to the written word….


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