confession time

Seasonal Ineffective Disorder

I have a confession to make:

I didn’t decorate my house for Easter.

Or for Valentine’s Day.

Or Thanksgiving. Or Halloween.

Let me rephrase that: I didn’t decorate much. As in, I put out a themed candy dish filled with appropriately colored M&M’s, ate them all myself, then didn’t refill out of guilt. I also bought an appropriately themed runner or two for my new kitchen hutch, but that was done more with the idea of adding color.


I also put out two really tired decorations that I “discovered” while unpacking. They are molting fake moss all over the tables and are missing a few eggs; the bunny has a broken ear.

Image 1

I may have thought to put something out on an end table. *checks*


That’s the extent of it. Happy Easter, y’all.

(In my defense, I did decorate for Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. And…you can get some serious mileage out of Christmas decorations, after all.)

It’s not that I don’t own decorations. In fact, when we unpacked after moving back into our house in July, I meticulously reorganized the holiday decorations into clear bins, which I stowed in the furnace room in the basement, so they would be easy to find.

It’s more like this: I forgot.

Or I’m lazy. More like I’m disorganized.

Ineffective at following up on my good intentions to put out all those stupid little tchotchkes that are going to be one more reminder that I need to dust more often.

I’m seasonally disordered.

Worse yet, every other blog post I see has some super cute Easter craft to add to my guilt.

Pinterest mocks me with decorating ideas. I mean, I have  an entire board dedicated to Easter decorations alone.

Maybe the pinning just exhausted me.

I didn’t even bother to switch out the decorative flag in our front drive, and I’m pretty sure I have an adorable little bunny flag. Somewhere.

I find my lack of enthusiasm a bit disturbing because I used to live for this shit. I decorated the heck out of my apartments and townhouse long before I ever had kids, and to be honest,  I love my fireplace mantel and would like to see it spruced up seasonally. I mean, isn’t this darling?

Pinned from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

Pastel colored balls of twine, tiny little birdhouses? *sighs*  Mine wouldn’t look like this.

This is a bit more my speed, maybe.

Except that if I can’t manage to pull ceramic eggs out of a Rubbermaid bin in a timely manner, I probably won’t remember to replace the cute little bunnies with…what comes next? American flags?

Hmm. I’ll keep it open as an option. I suppose if I stuck my seasonal tchotchkes in there, I theoretically wouldn’t have to dust them.

Maybe I could just fill it with Peeps. They’re cheap, and we all know they taste better when they’ve had a chance to air dry a bit…


Pinned from

My daughter has repeatedly asked me when I’m going to hang something in the now-blank space in the entryway, which previously held a “let it snow” decorative sign. It hung there until March – what the heck, there WAS still snow on the ground. I don’t have anything to put there other than a decorative “Autumn” sign.

Since there are still no signs of spring yet – made apparently by the snow that is still unmelted on the hedge –  that might be pushing it a bit. And as spring only lasts about two weeks here in Chicago before blasting straight into summer, it would be silly to go look for a “Spring” wall decoration.

I think I’ll just take myself on a field trip to Home Goods for some inspiration.

Some season-neutral inspiration. I need to replace that runner, anyway, or get really creative with placemats or something.

And you can see how well I’ve been doing with creative, so….



  • Kristy

    I must confess that I don’t decorate for anything but Christmas. I think about Easter and then never go get my decorations…which are so old I’m not even sure what they are. We do decorate the front porch for Halloween but nothing inside. I don’t even think about decorating for Valentine’s day. I agree I should decorate for these holidays because that would at least force me to dust once in a while!

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