What I’m Reading Wednesday: Never Google Heartbreak

What I'm Reading Wednesday

It’s time for What I’m Reading Wednesday! Yay! Are you looking for a light beach read?  If you are a fan of British authors Sophie Kinsella and Helen Fielding, check out Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia.

NeverGoogle Heartbreak

I think we’ve all been there (or had a friend that has been there) – dumped and going through all the stages of loss: grief, denial, (including bad fashion choices and the inevitable badly timed haircut). This is the story of Vivienne Summers who leaves her boyfriend (fully expecting him to chase after her, of course) after he has postponed their wedding – for the third time. When he doesn’t, she loses herself in grief and then goes to all ends to try to win him back – even after he shows up, with a new girlfriend, a month after their breakup.

What ensues is a bit painful to watch, a bit desperate, and hilariously funny.

Vivienne’s voice is real and her character is flawed but endearing. She may have had moments where she was so completely clueless that I was cringing, but I cheered for her.

The title comes from Vivienne’s obsession with searching the internet for tales of heartbroken people. She comes up with the idea of a website for people going through a breakup: self-help crossing with a place to share their heartaches and tales, and this side story runs throughout the book.

While the side story itself was fine, the only bit that proving more a distraction than adding to the story were the internet exchanges included at the start of each chapter.  (I will confess to skimming over these about halfway through the book.)

Overall, this was a fun book. The characters were hilariously drawn and the story, albeit a bit predictable at a few times, but that never stopped me from enjoying it. I highly recommend it for your poolside reading or a trip to the beach!

Never Google Heartbreak is available in paperback and e-format.

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Many thanks to both NetGalley and  Bookouture for the opportunity to read this advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and grammatical errors are completely my own.


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