Chocolate Eclair Dessert

Some foods can bring to mind a moment or a memory with the very first bite.

My mother had such a recipe. It was a chocolate eclair dessert, and it seemed to me that it was really only ever made for special occasions – mostly holiday potlucks or family picnics. (Ok – I may have asked for it for my birthday instead of cake.) It was rare to see it during the winter, come to think of it. If she got a wild hair, we might come home to find it in the fridge – a visit home would become a special occasion – but that was more the exception than the rule.

Like pumpkin pie outside of late fall, it was one of those desserts that we didn’t think to make outside of a special occasion, which was really silly, because it’s so ridiculously simple.

And by simple, I mean no cook.

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And it’s delish. And surprisingly, a bit rich. I think it may even taste better than an actual chocolate eclair (and there is no risk of the filling falling on your shirt when you bite into it.)

The only difficult thing about the recipe is the waiting – this needs to be refrigerated overnight.

My 9-year-old loves to help with this one and I told her that next time, I’d let her try it on her own. It’s that simple.

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(I promise, she only licked the bowl AFTER we were finished. Really. And, just between you and me? I love to dip the leftover bits of graham crackers into any pudding remaining in the bowl. Yum.)

Honestly, anything made with graham crackers is a winner in my book.

The recipe is as simple as you can get. Mix up the pudding, milk and Cool Whip. In a 9 x 13″ pan, layer (whole) graham crackers (cutting pieces to fit in gaps), pudding mixture, graham crackers, pudding mixture, and end with a final layer of graham crackers. Make sure to cover entire surface as best as possible because you have that yummy chocolate icing to go on top.

In a separate bowl, mix topping ingredients.

Carefully spread chocolate topping on graham crackers and to edge of pan.  Use that spatula to get every last bit of chocolatey goodness out of the bowl, because there will be *just* enough to cover the graham crackers.

Refrigerate overnight. You may be tempted to dig right in, but don’t. I did warn you this needed to be refrigerated.

Your patience will be rewarded.

Take a look at how easy this is:

I don’t think my family will be keeping this one for special occasions. It’s too good to have only once or twice a year.





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