Dress Code Crazy

dress code crazy

I appreciate the importance of school dress codes, but some of the latest rules are just crazy.

Who knew that collar bones are the devil’s instruments?

Apparently, bra straps are too.

Leggings are distracting because they show the shape of girls’ legs – gasp – girls have legs?

I’ve never heard my 11-year-old son say “Mom, I can’t understand fractions because Sarah wore leggings.”

If he did, though, I’d knock him upside the head – figuratively speaking.

I pity the girl who got her Wonder Woman lunchbox taken away because violent characters are banned in the dress code?

Wonder Woman is a super hero, and super heroes portray violence, ergo Wonder Woman is violent.

That’s like saying cake is made with eggs, and eggs are healthy, so YAY, CAKE FOR EVERYONE!

Fact: the chick is armed with only cuffs and a lasso of truth – which I’d like to see slung around the necks of these administrators and call their bluff on the idea that boys aren’t responsible for their own actions.

I’m all for modesty for the sake of my daughter – NOT for the sake of the boy sitting across from her – you know, the one in a Mortal Combat tee.


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  • Kimberly M (

    I don’t get it. Things are getting absolutely ridiculous. Like leggings? Really? There are more pressing issues like bullying and why is it that I have to buy my grade 2 kid a calculator?? to worry about than leggings.
    I’d be that parent to show up to school on the first day and all the days in leggings and bra strap showing and collar bone all hanging out.

    • Jenn

      The code for my son’s middle school views leggings as the same as SKIN.
      So if your skirt is short, wearing leggings does not make it meet dress code.
      Shirts have to be fingertip length. Have YOU seen fingertip length anything for 9 year olds? Granted, I don’t equate leggings to pants (and I get the issue as some girls were wearing really thin leggings)
      If I want to dress her in oversized tees, sure. But she doesn’t want to dress like a boy, or in TOO big clothes.

      It’s definitely a struggle.

  • Karen

    Jenn! Love this, it’s so darn true. These administrators are off their rockers. I have a young man that we are teaching the respect of the young ladies in his class. Thanks for a great post and can’t wait to look at writing a post in 12 lines! Gulp!!

    • Jenn

      You can do it!!!

      I think they really are missing the point with these dress codes. I get rules on length for modesty (because I HAVE seen how short some of these skirts get) and I can’t imagine trying to concentrate in class and not flash your bits and bobs. But that’s an entirely different thing from saying “it’s too distracting”.

      I heard one argument that “it’s not just for the boys’ sake – it’s for the girls, because they can get competitive. Um, if you want to avoid THAT, you have to go to uniforms, because I’ve seen comparing going on in schools with generic uniforms as the kids with less money had white polos from Walmart, and the wealthier kids were sporting Polo brand.

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