Here we go with NaBloPoMo!

Oh, the inside of my head is a very confusing, distracted place to be.

I don’t function well with clutter around me.

Facebook is NOT my friend. I have turned off all sounds and notifications, but I am still too easily distracted.

I write better first thing in the morning – mostly – but I only get to the gym if I go the first thing in the morning. This is a problem.

My to-do lists are helpful – when I remember to write them.

My brain – it just isn’t focusing like it once was. I should probably get my thyroid checked, but I every time I go online to try to find a doctor who is taking patients, I get sucked into the internet.

I really am unhappy with my brain.

brain struggles nablopomo

So what is a girl to do?

She signs up for NaBloPoMo – which stands for National Blog Posting Month (although I often suspect it is actually Native American for drink a lot of coffee and give yourself an anxiety attack.)

Yup, that’s blog posting MONTH – 30 days of posts. Since my track record has been inconsistent because of foggy brain, I’m sure this is going to go well. AND I have a FANTASTIC trip coming up soon, which I can’t wait to tell you about – but which will also impact my best intentions.

Because travel. And said disorganization.

So I have big plans, and I actually do have a lot to talk about, so long as I can stay organized:

  • my recent trip to Jamaica
  • how lionfish are destroying coral reefs around the Caribbean
  • lessons I’ve learned from stand up paddle boarding
  • facing fears
  • a whole WEEK of Christmas book reviews. Yes, in early November, before Thanksgiving. Hey, at least I waited until after Thanksgiving. You’re welcome.
  • Some yummy, hearty and EASY dishes – now that the weather in Texas is cooling down. And by that, I mean the weather is dropping to 68 at night.

It’s time to stretch my brain, find some focus and rediscover self-discipline.

Well – as best I can. Everything distracts me.  The discovery of sugar ants on my counters upon my  return from Jamaica is making me crazy. Someone must have left food out and they know this is exactly why I’m so insistent on food being cleaned up and contained, so I’m irate. And yes, my kids did collect about ten pounds of candy, so I’m sure this will be an easy job evict them, right?

It’s distracting because – OOOOHHH! <squished another ant> every time I leave my desk I remember something I was in the middle of doing the last time I got up from my desk.

So please join me (and for the love of all that is good in the world, throw me an occasional comment here if you like something) as I step off the ledge and back into writing.

Or, at least, join me as jot something down while drinking 400 cups of coffee between sessions of throwing the ball to the dog and trying to keep up with the housework.

Welcome to NaBloPoMo 2016, and my messy, confused, weird brain. This should be interesting….



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