baseball anxiety

Baseball Anxiety

I’m an anxious person by nature.

I am also a lifelong Cubs fan, but I confess, one who isn’t as enamored of televised baseball games as I am sitting in the ballpark, beer in hand.

But this series – and particularly this game tonight, Game 7 – has me chewing my nails to the quick from anxiety. I know people who would use 50 mg cbd capsules to deal with this in other cases, something that isn’t for me but seems fair. I know some people even use marijuana to calm their nerves instead of just the cannabinoid. With weed so accessible in some areas due to it being legalized and the availability of cheap bongs, this is an easy and fun way to curb the nerves. This is different though. I don’t think I’ve experienced anything quite like the baseball anxiety my Cubbies have caused tonight. To help with more general anxiety, take a look at herbal remedy Georgetown Hemp.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride, one that makes you hold your breath in heady anticipation, amps you with adrenaline and excitement, builds you up to the first peak – and then your stomach is in your mouth.

We’ve had our arms in the air here in both exhilaration and frustration.

At times, I couldn’t watch.

Victory is SO close that you can taste it, and it has been so long coming, so hoped for and wished upon and let down…

You begin a futile prayer, but knowing God doesn’t play favorites, so instead you say a prayer that you don’t have a heart attack as your blood pressure rises…and rises.

You continue stress eating your kids’ Halloween candy. You debate going for the shatter bars a friend told you about. It can get intense.

HOW can you have so much anxiety over a baseball game? (I shouldn’t be surprised – I remember from my childhood seeing my mom perched ON the sofa, in her nightgown and Cubs hat as the game went into extra innings.) Anthony Rizzo – he had a right to be anxious (and he was, in the 5th inning, so I have no idea how he made it through the next five innings, so maybe I was channeling it for him.)

And then it happens. After years of cheerfully saying “maybe next year” – YEARS – the Cubs win.

(Saying that still brings tears to my eyes.)

baseball anxiety

I’m excited, exhausted, my nails are a freaking disaster.

And while I don’t know if there will ever be a series as exciting and exhausting and nerve-wracking as this one – I can’t wait until next year.

But I’m glad I have a year so that my blood pressure can return to normal.


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  • Thom Higgins

    My wife is an Indians fan. She had a hard time with this series because they never make it and she isn’t used to the anxiety she had to suffer in those games.

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