The Soul of Christmas by Thomas Moore

No matter how much you may love Christmas, seeing decorations in the stores before the Halloween candy has even been cleared out can definitely dampen your spirits. Every year, the season feels to be more and more commercialized, and our holiday season becomes more frantic as we get caught up in making it the best, most perfect holiday ever.  If this all sounds exhausting, then Thomas Moore’s latest book, The Soul of Christmas, might be just the thing to cure what ails you.


Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Christmas
Publisher: Franciscan Media
Publication Date: September 30, 2016
Hardcover: 160 Pages


I fell in love with Thomas Moore’s book Care of the Soul years ago, so I was quite anxious to read his approach  to bringing Christmas back to its meaning in a world that is increasingly commercialized in his recently released The Soul of Christmas. I was not disappointed.

What a balm for the soul! When you find that you are highlighting lines on every other page (as I did), you know a writer is speaking to you. Moore offers his view for restoring the magic of Christmas and striking a balance with the holiday’s trappings (gift giving, the Christmas tree, etc) and the spirit of Christmas. Moore offers up a thoughtful discussion of why Christmas CAN be for everyone, regardless of faith.

What I appreciate most is his take on balancing it all – our need for the mystical, magical aspects of it wrapped up in our own faith. If you are searching to bring the chaos in your holiday into perspective, this is the book you need.

I know I’m going to have a better, hopeful and spiritual approach to the holiday season this year.

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