Changes, They Are A’Comin’ (To This Blog)

It’s time to shake things up here and I have big plans for the blog. After 9 years of blogging as Momma on the Rocks, I’m going to be getting a new name and a new look, and refining my focus just a skosh. This will remain a lifestyle blog, but with a stronger focus on the things that keep me sane – namely, essays, travel, and books. And of course, coffee.

Because normal around here really is a setting on the dryer, and anything that makes my life (and hopefully yours) better or easier is a plus.

And…everything is better with coffee. (And it goes so well with reading, travel and my writing.)

Some minor changes  to keep posts more regular. Book reviews will come on set days, barring a conflicting book blog tour or other special post. Sponsored posts that are more relevant to what I’m about – laughing, escaping and making life easier or better. Writer’s block has bitten my ass but I’m making progress and will be back to bringing you sarcasm and silliness and self-reflection soon.

Today I’m headed to Orlando, Florida for the Mom 2.0 Summit for a few days of  learning and an opportunity to connect with other bloggers and build some relationships. In the meantime, check out all the fun to be had with Crayola Experience (and a giveaway) and hang around for my review of a fantastic crime thriller, Remember No More by debut author Jan Newton, as well as a fun interview that she kindly granted me. I don’t know about you, but I am fascinated by where writers get their inspiration for novels and what their process is like.

And finally, follow along on Instagram as I share all the fun on my trip.

Don’t mind the resting bitch face or awkward smiles. Conferences make the introvert in me anxious.

Of course, so do changes, so this should be interesting.

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