confession time

  • confession time

    I’ve Been Sucked Into the Black Hole that is Pinterest….and I Can’t Find My Way Out

    I love Pinterest. Pinterest is full of really fabulous ideas. And I like pictures. But. I am starting to hate Pinterest. Pinterest provides me with all kinds of inspiration. Some of which is leading me to obsession. Why? Because, dear friends, some of those pins are a year old now. AND THE STORES NO LONGER CARRY THIS STUFF!!!! Take my master bedroom. (No, really. Someone take it and fix it up. I need to live closer to Canada, as I really need Candace Olsen at this point.)  My bedspread is (counting on my fingers…and toes) just over 10 years old. People, that’s ancient in the life of a comforter. It…

  • confession time

    In Her World….

    Last night at dinner, the kids were making up stories. Pea begain with “I’m a princess…” and Boo interrupted with “You always say you’re a princess…but you’re not a princess!!!!” to which Pea primly replied, “In my world, I am!!!” Gotta love that girl….

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    Company’s Coming….

    I am, admittedly, a bit of a neat freak. What I’m not very fussed on is the actual cleaning. Particularly mopping and  toilets. A few days ago, the Hubs asked if it would be ok if we invited one of his co-workers and family over for a barbecue this weekend. I agreed, as we haven’t entertained in a while. Then I remembered. The state of the house. We’ve only been home from our extended holiday since Sunday afternoon. Happily, I’m unpacked, but the copious amounts of laundry combined with the kidlings being home meant that my house was in full post-holiday state – frankly, a mess, since I haven’t done…

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    DIY means “Dad…..It’s (all) Yours!”

    When I was younger and single, my father constantly offered the advice: “Marry a tradesman. They can fix stuff.” Instead, I married a salesman. We tend to fix a lot of things with our chequebook. I did, however, come into my marriage with more tools than my husband. The power tools were all mine, although I don’t have many. The only one we ever tend to use is the power drill, and that is on very rare occasions. Nevertheless, we make sure the battery is charged and that we have the appropriate drill bits so that it’s ready should we ever need it! Click here to view the top drill…

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    Some Things Never Change

    School these days – boy, things are different. We learned to type on typewriters. In high school.  My children are learning to type on laptops, in kindergarden. We learned addition and subtraction. My kids are doing things like “Number bonds” and “chunking”. We had hot cooked meals and homemade desserts. (Ok, so MY kids still get this, but we’re lucky.) Our school district back at home? Everything provided by a food service, delivered shrink wrapped and really pitifully less-than-healthy meal options. Nachos, anyone? We were taught to tie our shoes in kindergarden. Now, parents teach their children to tie their shoes (which is why my 8-year old still doesn’t really…

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    The symmetrical girl

    It was the end of the day, and time for bedtime reading. We have a blanket chest at the foot of our bed where the kids typically set their reading folders; piled high on it were our pillow shams and various throw pillows. There wasn’t much room left, so when the Hubs set Pea’s book bag next to Boo’s they were perpendicular to each other, and slightly overlapping. Not good, from Pea’s way of thinking. She flipped them parallel, but then the nylon handles were facing each other, and the lettering and school logo weren’t aligned. Unacceptable. She then rotated one of them so that they were evenly aligned, and…

  • confession time

    Her Alter Ego….Captured

    My daughter is adorable. I will admit this freely, not solely based on parental pride but on the simple fact that she is really IS cute. I mean, seriously — look at that face! But. THIS is the face her teachers see. This is the face her friends see. This is the face that I see approximately 75% most of the time. The rest of the time, she is…well….erm….a bit of a holy terror. All that strong will, all that single mindedness, all that orderly organization “everything in its place in a particular order JUST SO” does have a flip side… …and that side ain’t pretty. Even so, she isn’t one to…

  • confession time

    Finding a Way Back

    I have been absent. (Hopefully, I’ve been missed…) Now, in my head, I’ve written a lot of posts. (They were darn funny as well – practically brilliant!) There are a few fun reviews in the pipeline, too, so just stay tuned. However. Getting them into my Mac? Not so easy. It’s been a rough go lately. Overwhelmed. Depressed. When I get like this, I find that I tend to get a bit OCD; my focus narrows in to one or two things, and it’s all I can do to sort out those things. For me, it was getting an upcoming trip booked – one which, to be honest, I’m hesitant…

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    Bring on the New Year!

    I had the best of intentions to write a round up of 2011, but really? I was off at Center Parcs, having fun with my family, and so New Years Eve day had me tied up with unpacking, sorting out the dog from the kennel, laundry…you know where this is headed…   I ran out of time.   And that’s all good.   Overall, it was a pretty good year. Oh, it had its moments to be sure…quite a few posts in the first quake porter of the year revolve around the hazards of NHS dentistry. (Please don’t get me started on the NHS medical care, either…). I’ve had some…

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    I Wonder… (I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder….)

    My mind has been wandering today. And wondering… I wonder… …if I will EVER cross the street here without thinking “Right-Left-Right” (despite the fact that I don’t need to remind myself that the cars are on the opposite side of the road anymore); …if, before we return to the US,  I will stop converting prices from pounds into dollars in my head when I shop… ….if I will EVER learn to properly pronounce the Welsh “ll” sound without sounding like a cat choking on a hairball (I have to say those town names really, really quickly, or have my son say it for me); …how long it will take Boo…