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    Weekend Read: Girls’ Weekend

    / I picked up the e-galley of Cara Sue Achterberg’s “Girls’ Weekend” because the blurb intrigued me. Had I known I’d still be sitting in my favorite chair at 2am, racing to the finish, I probably would have put on my pajamas before I started. (Sometime before lunch…) Yeppers, it was that good. It was compelling, touching, and a bit soul-searching. Oh, and it was fun, too.  Have you ever been on holiday and thought “what if I just don’t go home? I wish I could stay here and hide from the rest of the world…”? Well, Girls’ Weekend is the story of friends Charlotte, Dani and Meg. Frustrated and in need of a…

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    Thoughts on The Jungle Book (and a few Printables, too)

    Last night, while my family huddled in the bathroom as tornado sirens went off and baseball-sized hail fell on surrounding suburbs, I was comfortably kicked back in the IMAX-3D theater waiting to see The Jungle Book at the AMC North Park Cinema. Without a doubt, I won twice over. Long a fan of both Walt Disney’s 1967 animated film and the book by Rudyard Kipling, I’ve been looking forward to seeing Jon Favreau’s take since the first teasers landed in my inbox.  If you aren’t familiar with the tale (and if not, what kind of childhood did you have?) The Jungle Book is the story of Mowgli, a boy (“man-cup”) orphaned in the…

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    Christmas Novellas and Short Stories

    For those of you who tell me “Oh, I’m too busy to read right now”, I say “Bah humbug!”  Just for you I have three novellas and a book of six short stories, perfect for reading here and there in between Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas shopping and office parties (or driving to team practices, tournaments over the holidays, and the like), all which will put you in the Christmas spirit! So much more fun than planning on how to avoid Aunt Mildred’s cheek-pinching fingers and critical relatives reviews of your holiday stuffing recipe! My first pick, Operation White Christmas (An Escape to the Country Novella) by Nicki Edwards, is a romantic and sweet little read, and…

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    Two Christmas Romances

      I’ll be honest: I could have (and should have) titled this post “Two Christmas Romances featuring Overly Considerate and Infuriating Men” because the main male characters in each spend a lot of the book fighting against their feelings because they want to protect the main female characters from getting their hearts broken – by them. But that title is hell on SEO so I had to keep it short and simple.  I enjoyed both of the books, and since I spent most of each wanting to throttle both characters for their thoughtful (and, yes, let’s call a spade a spade) somewhat self-absorbed justification (because really, they could have gotten their hearts broken just as…

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    Holiday Books on the Way!

    With Halloween Behind us and Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, it may feel too early for some to be bringing out the Christmas novels and novellas, but if Target can put out their Christmas goodies, well, I can too. It’s never too early for Christmas for me. Well, ok, fine. Before Halloween is too early. And, yes, I’ve already reviewed three Christmas stories already (and you can find them here). But for the next week I’m participating in Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Bookshelfery‘s Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon! So, you guessed it, my blog will be swimming in book reviews this next week (because in addition to the holiday books, I have a few excellent thrillers and a…

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    What I’m Reading Wednesday – Lowcountry Bordello

    I confess, I can be a bit picky when looking for a new book, and the title plays a big part in what initially grabs my attention. I was unfamiliar with author Susan M. Boyer and the story summary for Lowcountry Bordello intrigued me when I first came across it. But with so many books loaded onto my Kindle, all vying for my attention, I have to be honest – the title of this superb cozy mystery was call to me once I forgot the gist of the story. (This is why I still love real books, where you can SEE the cover.) Boy, am I ever sorry that this one sat to the…

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    Two Thrillers for Tuesday

    I’m not getting much done lately – including blog posts – because I have had my nose deep in a book (or five), particularly thrillers. This week I have two heart-pounding novels for you! <div:”image:none;”> First up is a thriller by a true favorite of mine, Tess Gerritsen. I’m a huge fan of her medical and crime thrillers, and in particular her Rizzoli and Isles series. If you’re looking for something along the plotlines of these novels: this isn’t it. What it IS: Tess Gerritsen switches things up as she adds a generous helping of historical fiction in her mystery. With Playing With Fire, Gerritsen has crafted a wonderful historical novel of a composer in WWII Italy…

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    What I’m Reading Wednesday: House Trained

    If you are looking for a sweet tale about love, acceptance and forgiveness, look no further than Jackie Bouchard’s novel House Trained. Alex Halstad is an interior designer who is struggling to keep her business afloat. Her husband, Barry has no idea of the dire straits they are in financially. They live in a beautiful home, impeccably decorated by Alex. Childless by choice, their sweet labradoodle Marie is the object of their love and affection, much to the dismay and thinly veiled criticism of Alex’s mother and sister. So when Barry comes home from the university library where he works with the startling news that he has a teenage daughter he didn’t know…

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    Three Christmas Reads for Wednesday

    It was 95º here in the Dallas area today, a continuation of the warm weather we’ve been experiencing….so of course, I’m reading Christmas fiction! This week, I have three Christmas stories for you – perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. (Especially when it’s warm outside.) Christmas is quite possibly my favorite holiday season, and these books are just the thing to get me ready and help me through the crazy that the season can be. This is the late-night “it’s still Wednesday somewhere” Christmas story edition of What I’m Reading Wednesday!!! First on my list is actually a novella. Merry Mary, by Ashley Farley, is a story about a…

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    Read This: The Ripper Gene

    Hey everybody, I’ve been waiting to share a GREAT thriller that I just finished. It’s titled The Ripper Gene, the debut novel for author Michael Ransom. And you know me – I’m not the most patient person – so of COURSE, there will be a good reason for holding off on the review. drumroll I had the opportunity to interview Michael Ransom, and I’m really excited to share the exchange because he has a fascinating background: Michael is also a molecular pharmacologist and an expert in toxicogenomics and pharmacogenetics (dumbed down, the study of the effects of environmental toxins on cells and tissues, and the study of genetic differences that…