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    Book Review: Morning in This Broken World by Katrina Kittle

    I read Morning in This Broken World by Katrina Kittle a few months ago. It was a book I’d been awaiting, as I’m a huge fan of Kittle’s novels. It was well worth the wait. And needless to say, a review here is more than overdue here. To be clear: the delay is more a factor of life getting in the way than any reflection of my opinion on the novel – because I loved it. Synopsis My Thoughts At this moment, I’m sitting in my bedroom, currently isolating with Covid. The irony of this is not lost on me, but it feels all the more relevant to write the…

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    Five Christmas Romances to Curl Up with this December

    Confession: I find it difficult to get into Christmas novels when it’s (1) not even Thanksgiving and (2) it’s still 97º here in Texas. I was naughty. I waited until closer to Thanksgiving to begin to read these five lovely, uplifting Christmas romances and then share them with YOU in December, when you’re REALLY in the Christmas spirit. Except that this year has been more disorganized than most, so I’m even later getting this out. Which, really, should be perfect timing, actually. You’ve probably knocked out most of your list over Black Friday and Cyber Monday (well done, you)! Now, you’re looking for something to curl up with while you…

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    I Miss You When I Blink by Mary Laura Philpott

    I have been looking forward to reading Mary Laura Philpott’s memoir I Miss You When I Blink. Needless to say, I nearly did a backflip (ok, it was a mental backflip – I’m the girl who broke her foot doing laundry, after all) when Netgalley provided an advance copy for review purposes. As always, all opinions and typos are my own. Mary Laura Philpott’s memoir I Miss You When I Blink is a collection of essays that are honest, heartfelt, relatable and frequently laugh-out-loud funny. Sitting down with these stories is like sitting down with a friend who gets you. She’s going to tell you what you need to hear…

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    Thursday Things

    With spring break behind me, I’ve got a lot of things rattling in my head. Most of it isn’t enough for a full post, but are loosely related. Thursday Things is a bit of a brain dump – a bit of what I’m excited about, a bit of what has me frustrated, and it all took place during spring break. Oh, and there are affiliate links in this post. I talk about those, too. Kind of. Shh. • • • In Which I Get On My Soapbox and Rant About Coaches and Vacations Last week was spring break for our school district. We didn’t go anywhere because we are rule…