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    Shepherd’s Pie Is My Favorite Comfort Food

    This Shepherd’s Pie reminds both kids of the time we lived in Wales. When I cooked the minced lamb (that’s ground lamb to you and me), the dog would sit outside, salivating and staring at the exhaust vent where it exited the kitchen over the patio. We ALL loved it. I think you will too, and if you aren’t a fan of lamb, sub out lean ground beef. If there’s a story with a recipe here, it’s because I’m a storyteller, and that’s how it fits my “brand”. Or whatever that’s what they tell me. If you’re thinking “Enough with the story, get to the damn recipe”, click here and…

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    Instant Pot Taco Soup

    I was first introduced to this recipe for taco soup by a lovely friend who brought it over after I’d had my first kiddo. She delivered it, still warm, in a giant Tupperware container. It was accompanied by a pan of fresh cornbread, pico di gallo from our local grocery deli and a few perfectly ripe avocados. It was heaven in a paper bag to this new mom, and every since,  this taco soup is my go-to for Sunday football watching, fast meals for us, for bringing to new moms or for those in need of a meal during a tough time – it’s wonderful comfort food. And it makes…

  • meatloaf

    Comfort Food: Good ‘n Cheesy Meatloaf

    I confess, while meatloaf IS the quintessential comfort food, it isn’t something I crave like my son does. When I DO make meatloaf, however, I have TWO go-to recipes that I truly love. The first is a borderline high-brow version of diner meatloaf, made with ground beef, pork and veal, and the secret is “ketchup in and ketchup on”.  The second is the one that most appeals to my kids, because of the half-pound of cubed cheese inside. It’s not the healthiest of meals, but it is yummy. I will also confess, that while I can give or take HOT meatloaf, since childhood I have absolutely been in love with cold…

  • Minestrone-soup

    Soup’s on – Slow Cooker Minestrone

    A bowl of soup and a grilled sandwich is probably my all-time favorite comfort food, whether I’m feeling under the weather or burrowing in on a cold day.  Recently my hubby came down with a terrible cold and just looked miserable, and I thought that a warm bowl of minestrone soup was just what he needed. I’ve been experimenting with various recipes over the years, and this is the result of my tinkering. I love cooking soup, especially when I can put it together in the morning and let it simmer all day. Other than a quick saute of fresh veggies, this is all cut and dump, if you will. My…

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    Thai Pork with Peanut Sauce

    I’m lucky. My kidlings are tweens/teens now and are completely capable of entertaining themselves, so a snow day (or two) doesn’t seem to be the challenge that it once was when they were younger. We hang out in our PJs, they make their own snacks, and it’s all quite low-key if I can keep the squabbling to a minimum. Then and now, when we have a snow day, I tend to reach for comfort foods and well-loved slow cooker recipes, the kind that you put together in the morning with little fuss and with ingredients that I generally have in my pantry. This, my friends, is one of them, and…