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    She built a world from tissue boxes.

    My daughter always has been a bit of a collector, so exploring the recesses of storage bins, closets, and drawers usually comes with an element of surprise. You never know if you will turn up a tin full of tiny brown acorns, a zippered pouch full of colorful plastic butterflies, long forgotten, or a handful of long dried-out markers tumbled in with an assortment of empty mechanical pencils. Tidying was usually an entertaining enterprise, should you be in the right mindset. I was cleaning the play room earlier this week, and tucked into the space between my daughter’s craft desk and the wall was a pile of square tissue boxes,…

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    You Do You (and Go Buy This Book)

      Have I mentioned this?  I am in a book. A BOOK. And not only am I in a book, but my daughter Maddie is in the SAME book. (Ok, I’m trying to tamp down my rampant jealousy that she was officially published at 12 when it took me until none-of-your-damn-business years to get published in PRINT.) But that’s okay because I AM IN A BOOK. And it is amazing. And so what we need for our girls right now. Did I mention that it is amazing and I am excited? NO? I didn’t mention I was excited? I AM. If you didn’t deduct it from the big sparkly book…

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    I’m on Mamalode today!

    Nothing to look at here today – because I’m over on Mamalode talking about the need to give our kids a gentle push (and then back away and let them go).   I won’t be shy…please go check out my essay! I’ll love you even more if you leave a comment there!!!!! http://mamalode.com/story/detail/breaking-away