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    Book Review: House of Salt and Sorrows

    If you are looking for an imaginative, eerie young adult fantasy for your teen, tween, (or yourself), I’ll highly recommend Erin Craig’s House of Salt and Sorrows. My thirteen-year-old and I both read this at the same time on vacation and it kept us glued to our e-readers! Thanks to NetGalley for providing me said e-ARC for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links that may earn me a commission if you purchase through them House of Salt and Sorrows is a gorgeous retelling of the fairy tale of the Twelve Dancing Sisters. It has a haunting gothic feel. I am a sucker for WELL DONE retellings, and this is…

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    What I’m Reading Wednesday: Alias Hook

    Wahoo! It is Wednesday, and I have a fun book for you today! This week I want to tell you all about Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen.   If you are a fan of Wicked by Gregory McGuire and other reinvented fairy tales, and are a fan of historical fiction, I think you will really enjoy Alias Hook. As you might have guessed, Hook, born James Benjamin Hookbridge, is himself the Captain Hook of Peter Pan lore. But have you ever wondered how, in Peter’s world where one never grows up, just how did Captain Hook end up in Neverland. In Barre’s original tale, Hook’s story ends as he is eaten by his…