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    MG Book Review: Pippa Park Raises Her Game – Now In Paperback!

    I first reviewed PIPPA PARK RAISES HER GAME for its initial release in 2020. Well, I’m happy to share that it will be released in paperback (yay) on April 13, 2021! The paperback edition will feature a bonus materials, including Tween book club discussion questions, an author Q&A, and a Korean language glossary with pronunciation guide. This edition is perfectly timed to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May. Erin Yun’s appealing debut novel – an imaginative retelling of Great Expectations – strikes just the right notes to appeal to both MG and younger YA readers. Ms. Yun recently wrote about the need to increase diversity in children’s publishing…

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    Two Middle Grade Books for Summer Reading

    My 10-year old is an avid reader, and her reading pile is ALMOST as tall as mine. We both have a problem walking away from a tempting book (and what a good problem to have), particularly as we are both making sure we are set for summer reading. Of all the books we’ve both read lately, two stand out as superb choices for your kids: The Real Boy by Anna Ursu, and The Girl Who Could Not Dream by Sarah Beth Durst. Both are excellent options for your kiddo to pick up over the summer because they are fun and engaging. I picked up The Real Boy at the encouragement of our…

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    Middle School is Tough. (These Books Aren’t)

    This summer, my soon-to-be middle schooler lodged a complaint: “Why is it that so many books talk about how awful middle school is?” I took a look at his bookshelf and have to admit, it’s true. I didn’t want to admit that since middle school can be pretty miserable in real life, it’s a relatable topic for kids and easier to laugh at than cry with – I want him to look forward to middle school, after all! So we talked about what is happening in the books he’s read, and how the real meat of the story is in how the main character conquers his fears, or overcomes a huge challenge, or…