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    2017 LSBBT Bloggers’ Choice Awards

    I love bringing you new and wonderful books, and one way I’ve been able to do so (and give you the chance to WIN the books and maybe even some fun swag) has been with Lone Star Book Blog Tours (LSBBT).  What I’ve featured on my blog is only a portion of the books on tour, and there have been some wonderful ones for which – if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook – you’ve seen my shares of posts from other participating book bloggers. We’re readers, first of all, so of course we have our favorites – and we voted for them. I’m very pleased to bring you…

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    Review & Giveaway: Champion of the Barrio by R. Gaines Baty

    CHAMPION OF THE BARRIO The Legacy of Coach Buryl Baty by R. Gaines Baty   Genre: Biography / Sports / Civil Rights Publisher: Texas A&M University Press Date of Publication: February 9, 2015 Number of Pages: 288   Scroll down for Giveaway! In 1947, after serving in WWII and quarterbacking the Texas Aggies during the glory days of the old Southwest Conference, Texas football legend Buryl Baty was drafted by the Detroit Lions. But, the NFL wouldn’t be where he’d create his legacy. He instead became the head football coach at Bowie High School in El Paso, where he’d inspire a team of Mexican Americans from the Segundo Barrio with…

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    Three Christmas Reads for Wednesday

    It was 95º here in the Dallas area today, a continuation of the warm weather we’ve been experiencing….so of course, I’m reading Christmas fiction! This week, I have three Christmas stories for you – perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. (Especially when it’s warm outside.) Christmas is quite possibly my favorite holiday season, and these books are just the thing to get me ready and help me through the crazy that the season can be. This is the late-night “it’s still Wednesday somewhere” Christmas story edition of What I’m Reading Wednesday!!! First on my list is actually a novella. Merry Mary, by Ashley Farley, is a story about a…

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    What Im Reading Wednesday: Little Girl Gone

    I’m back with another truly gripping novel! This week’s pick is NOT a light read – it’s a tale of  psychological suspense. And my lovely UK readers – this one you won’t have to wait for, as this is the UK version! (No fears, my lovely fellow Yanks – there’s a version for us, too.) I’m really anxious to talk about Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt! <“https://jenncaffeinated.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/LittleGirlGone-pinterest-photo-393×1024.jpg” alt=”LittleGirlGone pinterest photo” width=”393″ height=”1024″ /> This book has been compared to “Gone Girl” and “Girl on a Train”. I think the only similarity between these books (aside from the words “Girl” and “Gone” in the title) is the use of the unreliable narrator;…

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    WIRW: Books to Get Lost In

    Before you say anything…I know…never end a sentence with a preposition. That’s why I’m reviewing the books and not writing them – I get so excited when it’s time to review books sometimes that I just can’t come up with a title suitable to reflect how I feel. In this case, I have the added problem writing a title for two entirely different stories in two different genres. So why review them together? They both sucked me in so quickly, they BOTH proved to be a great escape. Ok, so I basically sat and did nothing until I finished these books. You caught me. I don’t care. Let’s start already,…

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    Middle School is Tough. (These Books Aren’t)

    This summer, my soon-to-be middle schooler lodged a complaint: “Why is it that so many books talk about how awful middle school is?” I took a look at his bookshelf and have to admit, it’s true. I didn’t want to admit that since middle school can be pretty miserable in real life, it’s a relatable topic for kids and easier to laugh at than cry with – I want him to look forward to middle school, after all! So we talked about what is happening in the books he’s read, and how the real meat of the story is in how the main character conquers his fears, or overcomes a huge challenge, or…

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    #WIRW: The Late Night Edition

    With memories of summer vacation fading faster than my tan and the kids back to school and so organized that I’m hardly needed in the mornings, I had great plans of conquering my to-do list in record time, all while re-establishing a semblance of routine. Ah, the best laid plans, all felled by a single sentence, an opening chapter, a stack of to-be-read thrillers and crime fiction. You got it. Little has been ticked off of my to-do list except for going to the gym, and I’ve had to add “drink coffee” and “read 6 chapters” to that list just to be able to tick something off. It hasn’t helped that these books…

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    What I’m Reading Wednesday – About Living Online

    If you are reading this, it’s obvious you are plugged in and living online. Internet, email, social media – it’s become and integral part of our lives and unlike those of us born (more than) twenty years ago, today’s children have exposure to technology and various forms of social media starting at a very early age. This weeks picks focus on two ends of the spectrum, if you will. The first is written by a mom who, concerned by her family’s engagement in technology, makes the bold move to totally unplug. As in, from everything. The second book is one that, for those of us not willing to make that…

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    What I’m Reading Wednesday: It Started With a Breakup

    Today’s picks for What I’m Reading Wednesday have one thing in common – they both center around a young woman who has just broken off her engagement – one the dumper, one the dumpee – and what direction their lives take afterwards. They are two very different characters in personality (one independent and driven, one dependent and searching for purpose) and life circumstance (one scraping by, one a reluctant socialite) but both women are surrounded by colorful supporting characters and find their strengths and happiness in the end (of course!) So let’s get started with What I’m Reading Wednesday! First on my list is Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley. This…

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    What I’m Reading Wednesday: The House We Grew Up In

      This week’s pick is a family drama by British author Lisa Jewell, titled The House We Grew Up In. A compelling, complex family drama that was so very different from the book description (you might wonder if I’m just rubbish at reading the description, but no), I was quickly drawn into both the story and the family members. The happy scene depicted in the opening pages proved to be a stark contrast to the later lives of the inhabitants of the Bird House. When tragedy strikes on an Easter Sunday, the family falls apart, but while the blame for this is put on the tragedy, it turns out to…