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    My Year in Books -2023

    It’s been a challenging year and books have been my escape. I’ve worked hard to stay off of social media, and somehow this extended to the blog as I sunk deeper into my books. How successful was my avoidance tactic? My goal for the year was 50 books. I posted 80 to Goodreads (and I’m sure I’m missing some library books from the summer…) While I’ve been remission sharing book reviews here, I’ve been more consistent with reviewing them on Goodreads – and in return, I get a lovely graphic from them that shows all the books I’ve read. Here’s my year in books for 2023! I read a mix…

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    Two Christmas Romances (That Will Scratch Your Travel Itch)

      Now that November and NaNoWriMo are behind me, I’m playing catchup on the backlog of AMAZING book ARCs I have.  I really struggled this fall reading Christmas stories before the Christmas season, but now that I’m digging into them, I’m sorry I waited. I’ve got two Christmas romances for you that have the comforting, heartwarming feeling of a Hallmark move AND, with their travel themes, just may scratch that travel itch you’ve got. Sarah Morgan’s One More for Christmas takes us to Scotland, and Sandy Barker’s The Christmas Swap main characters travel to Melbourne, Australia, to Penham, England, AND Breckenridge, Colorado. Many thanks to the publishers for providing me advance…