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The Challenges of Blogging

Reading through this week’s choices of blog prompts for Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop, I had to laugh. #3 read: What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Obviously, looking back at my list of recent posts, it is being consistent about posting on a regular basis. Between attending the week-long Hay Festival, held here in town at the start of the month, and moving house two weeks later, I’ve been crap at finishing a coherent post. And putting one up on a regular basis.

Moving house has really taken it out of me. I knew the process was going to be stressful but wow, it was way more stressful than I had originally anticipated. We secured our new house but then have had all sorts of difficulties trying to get rid of our current house! A friend recently sold her house to Ben Buys Indy Houses after being unable to get it off the market for over a year so I think we might need to look into doing something similar if nothing changes! Of course, I am so happy that I’ve moved but I wish I had organized the whole moving process a lot more. I should have visited the guys at for a top level removals service in the Devon area. That definitely would have made the moving process a lot smoother.

Which also comes down to finding a good subject matter. Or subject matter that I’m prepared to put out there for the world. (I.e., Prompt #1 this week was “Describe a memorable first date”, and I while my first date with the man who I eventually married was pretty darn memorable, I doubt he wants me repeating that I spent the last bit of it highly amused because, apparently, I had finally met a man who possessed a bladder smaller than me.)

Oops. Sorry, hon.

I know, it is all about quality, not quantity. But blogging is good for me, for self-expression, for working on my self-discipline (of which I have near to none.)

And then there is my big killer: Time management. Yes, it is 10:20 at night, and I’ve just put up my Gallery post (intended for yesterday) about 30 minutes ago. I’m a stay at home mom, for goodness sake – why can’t I manage to sit down for an hour sometime after I take the kids to school and before I pick them up? Why is it always pushing 1am when I’m publishing my posts? And yes, I’m behind on posting about two product reviews that I’m REALLY excited to do.

Lastly, there is the editing. I know I’m wordy. Hell, I talk too much in person. I swear too much, also. I always feel like I could have edited my last post a bit more tightly, but there we are.

* * *

So there you have it. Head on over to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop to find more posts like this one.
Only more tightly edited. And stuff.
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  • Lisa

    I need an editor too. Usually my posts are inadvertant “fill in the blanks” because I type slower than I think and drop a word here or there. They are mostly nouns, sometimes adjectives. I figure if you can type my url you can create a sentence. Of course, proof reading would help but who has the time?

  • Jackie

    I, too, end up posting really late at night. I usually draft something early in the day, but the revising drives me crazy!

  • Janet Suarez Ameday

    You, my dear, I have gotten to know better now than ever. As a young child the remarkable intelligence was always apparent, but you never were much of a talker nor could anyone really tell who you really were. It has been a pleasure.

  • Savvy

    I’m coming by from MommaKats and I’m really glad I stopped by. I make my living online, but I am new to blogging. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if I try to keep up with someone else’s schedule I’m going to be disappointed. You have to find what works for you and if that means you post at 1am none of us will care. Do what feels right to you because trying to fit in someones mold of “right” might leave you with a chapped butt. I’m not a good writer. I had to decide that if I was going to get hung up on editing every-tiny-detail then I would never get anything out. We will FORGIVE you the missed comma, cuss word, double space and any other mistake you can imagine. Readers don’t expect perfection they just expect to see you!

  • kristi

    it’s amazing where the time during the day goes isn’t it?! you’re not the only one!

    i have found that it’s easier for me to treat each post as either a journal (non-edited) or edited blog entry. it helps take some pressure off. and i went for over a year without blogging because of life circumstances and now i wish more than ever that i had kept better track of it. that’s my inspiration to keep up the regular posts.

    stopped by from mama kat’s. 🙂

    • Jenn

      You know, that’s an excellent idea…even if I don’t post it, it’s there for a later date. Thanks for stopping by!

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